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The Healthier Catering Commitment is open to all food businesses that have a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score of 3 or above. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you offer, fish and chips, kebabs, Indian food, Chinese food, salads and sandwiches, cafes, restaurants and takeaways – everyone is welcome. The scheme works to help food business operators to make small changes to the way food is prepared which in turn will make the food sold healthier. This may then help attract  new customers looking or healthier food and drink options. The scheme is simple to operate and requires very little work from yourselves and can help make a health difference to your customers. The scheme is based on the principle that “small changes can make a big difference”, it’s not about selling different foods, it’s about small changes to the way you prepare and serve food. To help businesses there are guidance notes and fact sheets available, click on information below.

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